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Client Testimonials

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H2H PROMO(5).jpg

"I absolutely loved the hypnotic track. It allowed me to dive deep into my subconscious, to really believe in that version of me, that successful entrepreneur, whois  creating these beautiful offerings that will have so much positive impact, I really started to become embodied in that version of me.


The work with Rosalie has cemented my vision. We can´t see our own blind spots, so having someone who can see your potential and guide you to that place you want to go to!


For me, that meant my next level of love, abundance, success, I no longer have that fear in the background of wondering wether I´m good enough...


If you´re a coach, wanting to help your clients with these sabotage patterns, or you want to expand to your own next level, either way I highly reccommend this custom hypnotic track!

Spiritual Live Coach I Meditation and Tantra
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Ella Profile  - Ella Trotter.jpeg

"When I started working with Rosalie I felt lost in my direction and in need of some clarity and purpose. Working with Rosalie, I felt really seen and heard. Having her feedback in such a structured environment was really beneficial for me. I can be quite airy and creative, so her grounding presence and having such a tangible structure that I can work with was so important and helpful for my process. I was supported and guided by Rosalie so that the creation of my project and all this work felt manageable, creativity would pour through me and a surge of motivation arose.

A lot of coaching sessions I had in the past tended to focus more on just asking questions, so Rosalie´s approach was different from everything I had experienced before. I felt by the end of each session I knew exactly what I was getting out of it and had a way to implement all that into my life straight away.


Working with Rosalie has so many layers to it. She has so many facets to her offering, She's a yogi, a strong powerful businesswoman, so she brings all these elements which bring such a holistic approach to her coaching! It felt like this beautifully balanced blend of spirituality and energetics and tangible business-orientated grounding that made it so special and everything that I needed.

If you are on the fence about working with Rosalie, I would say whatever is holding you back is also the reason why you should do it. Rosalie really sees what you need and she's going to be there for you and support you in the best way."

Human Design and Relationship Coach

Rosalie helped me to be more in tune with myself and how to set up healthy boundaries. This has given me the necessary energy to attain my goals. I was losing energy by people-pleasing and downplaying myself in certain social settings.

Now, after working with Rosalie, I just live my life authentically as who I am with a new sense of confidence. 

My relationship with myself has changed because I now understand that my uniqueness is what makes me powerful in my own right. I’ve learned how to ease into who I am, and be even more authentic in all my relationships. This has shifted me in the right direction naturally. What has become clear to me through working with Rosalie, when you stop swimming against the current, you will be carried to where you’re naturally meant to be. That's what has happened to me!

After I started working with Rosalie, my relationship elevated to a new level of trust and intimacy, and I found and moved into my dream home!

Through working with Rosalie I gained a variety of insights about myself and my life; The more you step into who you are you step into the place that is yours and only yours. In your relationships, you will therefore stop asking yourself if you are replaceable, and in the workplace, you will also then understand that you are irreplaceable because there is only one of you.

What I have gained from working with Rosalie varies from how to overcome self-imposed barriers, to how to open myself up to self-love and inner peace. I found out what I truly want from my life and what brings me joy and fulfillment. I learned to believe in myself and this helped me to embody my best self!

Podcaster, Yoga Teacher
082C0818-8074-4C20-AC16-FAC6BB63967F - Vivienne Vogt (1)_edited.jpg
082C0818-8074-4C20-AC16-FAC6BB63967F - Vivienne Vogt (1).jpeg

Rosalie made me feel like a human again and helped me to understand that there is nothing wrong with me and that no matter what I am going through it is part of my progress and has its reason. What I really loved was how she has such a strong sense for creating safe spaces, I have felt so seen and heard.

I can´t believe how much my mindset has shifted, I have so much more self-awareness now, more self-love, self-respect, and self-trust than ever before.

I was struggling with sleeping problems for a long time and before unleash I’d just smoke a joint every day before going to sleep. The coaching work and the Yoga Nidra track helped me to calm my mind and find relaxation without having to smoke weed. This was really a blessing for me.

I thought I’d never be able to sleep normally!

I loved the Facebook group, the Yoga Nidra track, and the Hypnotic Track so much, I will use these tools for the rest of my life and feel so grateful to have them in my life.

The most amazing this about working with Rosalie is how she connects all the dots and makes sense of unconscious patterns so that I were before I felt like I was in the dark, not understanding why certain situations were playing out, I then felt so empowered and could finally see clearly what has been blocking me so far from really going after my dream!


With this new clarity and confidence, I now feel ready to take action and dive fully into what lights me up, which is my artistry and my performance projects!

Performance Artist, Actress
B3CCD044-16EA-4605-B81E-2C9513AB59BD - Josefine Schummeck (1)_edited.jpg
B3CCD044-16EA-4605-B81E-2C9513AB59BD - Josefine Schummeck (1).jpeg

Every time I listened to the Hypnotic Track I got up so excited for the day, I´ve had such positive energy and felt excited to start my mornings. And when I had a real-life moment of frustration, I instantly reminded myself of how light and amazing I felt when I listened to the track. It has helped me so much with my energy levels and mood!

My goal with the Hypnotic Track was to have more trust in myself and life, and to feel a greater sense of joy and ease… I´ve been feeling more open to trying something new, I went to courses and tried some fun new things.

Where previously I felt stuck, unhappy, pessimistic, anxious, and dwelled a lot on the past, I now feel I am more at ease, I´m kinder to myself, I feel so open to new possibilities now and I even have spent time with new, uplifting friends. Where once I was so focused on the end goal, I am now truly enjoying my life.

I love that Rosalie is such a warmhearted and empathetic person. I love how she gives me tough love and authentic feedback, when I need it and does not sugar coat anything to make me feel good or something. I have done another coaching before, but it felt impersonal and didn't feel right. But with Rosalie, I really felt understood and appreciated. And a massive BONUS that I was missing before: I love how she combines cognitive coaching exercises with yoga and embodiment because I feel like my nervous system needs to be on track for me to feel safe for the change to happen.


After working with Rosalie, finally, after a whole year of burnout and feeling stuck, I made a huge shift, left my job, moved to a new city, and landed a new, way more fulfilling job!

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