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I´m Rosalie

Hypnotist & Mindset Coach 

My mission is to help entrepreneurs in the online space to really harness their full potential so that they can create a beautiful life by design and the success they truly desire. The way I do this is by using my signature method of working holistically on the three main pillars

1) Reprogramming the subconscious mind using a certified method of blending Hypnosis, NLP, energy work, nervous system and body-based safety imprint, binaural beats, and sound healing.

2) Mindset Coaching in coaching sessions in a tangible goal-orientated private container

3) Direct communication channel access to be in between sessions to ensure you´re fully supported and have me in your backpocket


combining my expertise in reprogramming the unconscious mind with coaching and mindset work to cement the identity shift. 

Just like you, I am a multi-passionate being, so over the last decade, I expanded my craft from several Yoga Teacher Trainings to Yoga Therapy to becoming a certified mindset coach and a certified Hypnotist.  What you don´t see on paper but will experience in the zoom room with me is my intuitive ability to see YOU, to see beyond the conversations and pinpoint the unconscious and the unspoken just as much. If you´re curious to read about some client experiences, simply head to the testimonial section. ;)

I´ve solo traveled the world internationally for over a decade and have put roots down in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. 

The center point of my work revolves around uncovering and highlighting all the ways you´ve been keeping yourself trapped in a loop of scarcity, outdated belief systems, or self-limiting habits and ways of thinking, reprogramming your subconscious mind to an expanded and next-level identity and supporting and holding you accountable to translate that internal new identity into your action stepsy and embodiment in your life and business every step of the way. 


So far I have helped my clients radically change their lives, take the leap into the unknown and make big decisions, quit unsatisfying jobs, move to a new city, make life-changing decisions, clear out unconscious blocks, overcome fears, deepen self-love and confidence, attract more clients, raise their prices, and much more. 

If you´d like to get a taste of my work, feel free to browse my shop to explore my digital products and if you´re wanting to dive deep and work together, head over to the service section.

I will leave you with this:

Your body always knows. if you are unsure about a decision, tune into your body. She has the answers for you.

Love from Bali, Rosalie

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